Apprenticeships at BAE Systems: fast-track your engineering career here in Yorkshire

You could be hired – discover what an apprenticeship at BAE Systems is all about.

Meet Tegan. Tegan is an Engineering Degree Apprentice based at BAE Systems in Brough. Here she shares her experiences with the Yorkshire Post, in her own words.

“My interest in engineering began during technology and design lessons at school,” she said.

“It ignited a real passion in me – I wanted to understand how things worked. I decided to take engineering as a GCSE subject, fuelling my fire even more, and went on to complete A-Levels in maths, further maths and physics – subjects I knew would be beneficial to a future engineering career.

 “When I left college, I understood that a conventional route into University just wasn’t for me. I wanted to continue learning, but I wanted to enhance my knowledge by gaining work experience too. BAE Systems’ Aerospace Engineering Degree Apprenticeship seemed like the best of both worlds.”

Tegan is currently halfway through the third year of the apprenticeship programme and has completed four placements so far, each working with different engineering teams and on different projects. There are six placements in the entire programme.

“Undoubtedly, the best part about the apprenticeship is the variety,” she says. “Changing specialism regularly during my apprenticeship enables a deeper understanding of the roles within aerospace engineering, and the different platforms that we build. It’s really helping me to understand where I ultimately see myself in the future.

“The placement teams are another key highlight; they are so supportive. Being able to work side-by-side with experienced engineers lets me to soak up as much knowledge as possible – much more than learning through a text book. And whilst I absorb so much from the teams, they also motivate me to challenge current processes and ways of working with innovative and creative new ideas.

“My advice for anyone considering an apprenticeship with BAE Systems would be: Do your research! You’ll learn how the programmes are set up and ultimately, understand which programme is right for you. I would also recommend attending any open events. You’ll get the opportunity to speak to current apprentices and graduates, hear first-hand about their experiences and get the chance to ask any questions that you have.

“And for anyone starting their apprenticeship, don’t be afraid to ask questions – especially if you are struggling to understand complex processes. Your peers, mentors and colleagues in your placement teams are there to support you, and are more than happy to take the time to help you understand things better.

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