6 of the most haunted places in Harrogate

The ghost of Alice haunts Harrogate Theatre.The ghost of Alice haunts Harrogate Theatre.
The ghost of Alice haunts Harrogate Theatre.
Following the launch of the Haunted Harrogate Facebook site, we take a look at 6 of the most haunted places in the town.

1. Harrogate Theatre: A mysterious apparition called Alice, the victim of a terrible love affair, is said to haunt the stalls at Harrogate Theatre.

She has been linked to ghostly spirits, orbs of hovering light, sudden chills and the lingering scent of peppermint... yet there is no record of any Alice in the theatre’s archives.

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2. Ripley Castle: A sad figure dressed in 19th century costume has been sighted at Ripley Castle.

Ripley CastleRipley Castle
Ripley Castle

Said to be the ghost of Lady Alicia Ingilby, who lost her only two children to meningitis in the 1870s, the figure is seen walking towards the children’s bedrooms before passing through a locked door.

Legend has it that Lady Alicia must still be caring for the children of the house in spirit and it is her image that is seen. This stateley home, steeped in 700 years of history, has a wealth of even more mysterious tales and is hosting tours today to allow visitors a glimpse.

3. Harlow Hill: A spectral wolf known as the Harlow Hound is still said to haunt Harlow Hill.

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The wild wolf and great Dane cross is said to have roamed free on the hill in the 1970s, worrying sheep and frightening farmers.

Angry farmers, banding together to kill the animal, tracked the hound, shot it, and strung its body up in the Ship Inn pub for all to see.

The Ship Inn has since been demolished, and Marks & Spencer now stands in its place.

4. Cedar Court Hotel: The old building, which has stood on the same spot since 1672, has been changed countless times in the last 300 years. But one wing has stayed the same - and spooky corridor’, as it is known, is said to be home to some ghoulish guests.

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“We’ve had guests say they’ve seen people dressed in old-fashioned attire, ” said general manager Simon Cotton. “One guest went into their room and found two ladies dressed in Victorian clothes sat on the bed.

“And last year we had someone who swore blind they had chased someone from their room. We even checked the locks. But the door hadn’t been opened all night.”

5. Hales Bar: Hales Bar is the oldest licensed premises in Harrogate. It is an old coaching inn and founded in the mid-17th century. Rebuilt in 1827, it became the Promenade Inn. This was enlarged in 1856 and the name was changed to Hodgsons. When William Hales took it over in 1882, it became the Hales Bar. In keeping with its history, it still maintains gas lighting and cigar lighters. For the most part, it exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include poltergeists with strange sounds and manic laughter. Licensees have reported bottles and glasses falling off the shelves, spin and drop. However, never smash. Customers have witnessed shadows walking through the bar. When it was investigated by a paranormal team, the static camera caught a black shape floating down behind an internal door. The light on the camera adjusted itself to it.

6. Cavendish hotel: An apparition of grey haired man has been seen sitting on the edge of a bed late at night, the short, aging figure rose and walked towards the window, suddenly vanishing into thin air.