Adorable photos show seal pups being released into the wild off the Yorkshire coast

They arrived at Scarborough Sea Life ill, injured, underweight or premature.

All were injured, ill or underweight when they arrived at Scarborough Sea Life

But these seven seal pups have now completed a remarkable recovery at the centre and have been released back into the wild.

Seal stranded in Thirsk after swimming upriver for milesCerus, Demeter, Hades, Leto, Persephone, Zeus and Atlas were originally rescued with injuries caused by rough weather, and some were too young and underweight to survive alone.

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After a period of rehabilitation in the Scarborough visitor attraction's seal hospital, they have now made a full recovery and have been re-introduced to a local colony off the Yorkshire coast.

The seals were released into a colony

“We were really pleased with the swift recovery of all seven seals, however seeing the recovery of youngest seal, Zeus, was particularly rewarding. When he arrived at the centre he was extremely underweight and in need of treatment. We now think he has a great chance of survival out in the wild.”

Around 30 pups every year are cared for at Sea Life before being released.