Anger as woods bike trails bulldozed

Mountain bikers in Leeds have expressed disapointment after the bike trails they created and maintained for six years were bulldozed by Leeds City Council.

Keen cyclists who regularly ride the dirt tracks in Adel Woods, near Stair Foot Lane, said they were gutted to find the ramps and jumps they had crafted had been flattened overnight.

A council spokesman said: “The council has a clear duty of care to all members of the public wishing to access Adel Woods.

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“Safety is of paramount importance, so on those grounds the decision was taken to restore the area to its previous condition.”

Councillor Daniel Cohen (Con, Alwoodley) called the decision “the ultimate in petty-minded bureaucracy”.

He said council officers had told him there had never been any complaints made and added: “The Friends of Adel Woods have no problem with it, the local councillors have no problem with it. I’ve had lots of phone calls and emails saying ‘can’t you just let these young people get on and enjoy this part of the city?’”

He said the council was worried someone would get hurt and they would be held responsible.

It is an ongoing saga, as claims of complaints about “dangerous obstacles” on the path led to similar demolition seven years ago.

The trails were gradually rebuilt, before being recently levelled again.