Anti-violence order used for first time in county

Police have used a specialist order aimed at protecting vulnerable victims from potential further violent abuse for the first time in West Yorkshire.

Bradford South Police have obtained the county's first Violent Offender Order to help to protect a Bradford woman from being contacted by a 42-year-old man, who seriously assaulted her.

The order will come into effect on Friday following his release from prison after a four year sentence. If breached without reasonable excuse it could see the man face trial and up to a further five years in prison if convicted.

Only a handful of such orders have been imposed nationwide since the legislation came into force last year.

Superintendent Angela Williams, of Bradford South Police, said the new orders would be particularly useful in helping to protect victims of domestic violence.

She said: "As police officers we have a duty of care to those at risk in our community and this power helps us provide an extra level of reassurance and protection for a victim."

Under the Violent Offender Order the 42-year-old man will have to adhere to a number of strict conditions imposed by the court and register his address within three days of his release.

PC Nichola Greenwood, of the Bradford Safeguarding Unit, said: "This will be the first high- profile Violent Offender Order to be secured in the West Yorkshire area and it shows that both we as a unit and West Yorkshire Police take a positive stance on protecting our victims of domestic abuse.

"This new legislation allows us to place restrictions on high-risk perpetrators of domestic abuse who would in the past have just been released without any control or conditions who could possibly cause harm to members of the public."