Appeal launched to raise £2,500 for funeral of popular Doncaster doorman dying from cancer

Friends of a popular Doncaster doorman who is dying from terminal cancer have set up a fundraising campaign to raise £2,500 to pay for his funeral.

Mr Nottingham has been ravaged by the deadly disease.

Dave Nottingham, 38, a former boxer and familiar sight on the town's nightlife scene on the doors of pubs and clubs, is suffering from terminal adrenal cancer and friends fear he may only have a matter of weeks to live.

Now a Crowdfunding campaign has been set up to help raise the cash for Stainforth-based Mr Nottingham's family in his hour of need.

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Friend Darren Mackay, who has set up the fundraising drive, said: "Dave is a well-liked and well respected member of the Doncaster nightlife community, he is friendly fair but firm, his passion is the safety and security of others.

"Unfortunately, the one person whose safety and well-being he couldn’t ensure was his own and he was diagnosed with adrenal cancer.

"We, his friends and colleagues have watched as our larger than life, strong, loving friend has been eaten away by this terrible disease.

"We are asking that you now help us to help Dave, who has helped so many over the years not only at work but by taking part in things like white collar boxing events to raise money for sufferers of the very thing that is now looking to end his life so early.

"Please help us to raise some funds to pay for Dave's ongoing medical care and let him and his family enjoy their remaining time together."

Another friend, Simon Lindsay, said: "David has been a doorman for 15 years, working all over Donny.

"He is now in a hospice and sadly it's only a matter of time. He's loved by many and a genuinely good guy so we want to get the word out to help his family."

Anyone who wants to contribute to the campaign can visit the Crowdfunding page HERE