Armed police called to firearm discharge on Sheffield estate - report

Armed police have been called to a Sheffield estate after a firearm was discharged, according to reports by local residents.

A firearm was discharged on Scotia Drive, Manor, near Wulfric Road, on Tuesday evening, according to a local resident who got in touch via Facebook.

She said: “Police at Scotia Drive, there’s been a shooting. Police walking around and helicopter is up.

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“No one has been hurt as far as I know.

“My friend was the one who witnessed it and she called the police. There are armed police outside her flat on Scotia Drive.”

Another resident added: “There are six police cars, two vans and armed responders. It happened around 10pm tonight.”

Reader Amy Louise Wolf Wild said on Facebook: “There was a shooting an a man jumped out of car where the ppl were shooting at him and he ran off, we don’t know if he been shot or not. About 6 or 7 shots were fired.”

South Yorkshire Police have been contacted for information.