Art to be seen... and seen in

Lindsey Tyson shows off a piece of art that you can feel and wear, a cherry blossom boa.

Scarborough Art Gallery is hosting a display of land and seascape-inspired textiles crafted by local artist Ms Tyson, with designs to be seen in as well as seen.

Not only do her silk and felt wraps and scarves, left, evoke the moods of the Yorkshire Coast – but you can also use them to keep the cold out when the weather turns nippy.

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The exhibition, called All Wrapped Up, in the Gallery Coffee Lounge, features some of her most eye-catching wraps and scarves, plus other felt artwork.

She said: "I currently make, sell and exhibit what I call 'wearable art'.Felt-making is such an amazing medium in that you can form it into almost anything, whether it is fine and flat, or thick and three dimensional."

All Wrapped Up runs until September 12.