Barbecues at the ready today but hot weather set to break

FORECASTERS are predicting perfect barbecue conditions today as the heatwave continues for another 24 hours.

In contrast to the disappointing Bank Holiday last weekend, the half-term is set to close on a high, with soaring temperatures and clear skies across the UK.

Independent forecasters said today should be very warm and mostly dry, with highs of 24C – 75.2F – predicted for Yorkshire.

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London is expected to top the charts with highs of 27C – 80.6 – while most of England will bask in the mid-20s.

Those in Scotland, Wales and western England can expect temperatures a few degrees lower.

In response to the warm weather, authorities have issued warnings about staying safe while keeping cool.

Firefighters who rescued a young boy from a river in Sheffield on Thursday cautioned against taking risks to cool off.

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The boy, 12, was playing with three friends when he fell up to his waist in water, and could not climb out because of large walls on either side.

A South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue spokesman said: "The warm weather may encourage people to cool off in water but they need to remember that it presents a number of hazards irrespective of its depth."

Tomorrow, however, may see the end of the hot spell, with forecasters warning of a weak cold front moving east across the UK bringing unsettled conditions.

Yorkshire is expected to be more cloudy and see some rain as

temperatures to fall to 18C – 64.4F.

Next week is expected to get steadily cooler.

One forecaster said: "Saturday is the best day for a barbecue, then it all goes downhill on Sunday."