Boy apologises to truck firm over damage instead of going to court

A TEENAGE boy has apologised for damaging trucks in the Peak District national park, through a “restorative justice” scheme being run by Derbyshire Police.

The 13-year-old boy, who cannot be named, scratched and dented two lorries parked off Heather Lane, in Hathersage, last month.

A police spokesman said: “It had happened as the boy, who was 12 years old at the time, had been moving some wooden pallets past the vehicles to play on.

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“He admitted causing the damage and apologised to the firm which owned the trucks.

“The matter was dealt with through restorative justice, a scheme launched by police in April 2009 to help deal swiftly with minor crimes and reduce bureaucracy.

“Under the scheme, crimes are dealt with in accordance with the victims’ wishes without the case going through the court process.

“The crime is recorded as usual but dealt with in a more proportionate way.”

PCSO Anthony Boswell added: “The boy admitted moving the pallets but hadn’t meant to damage the trucks; he just acted before he had properly thought through the consequences.

“Having discussed the matter with the victim, the boy and his family it was agreed to resolve the issue in this way.

“He has written a letter of apology to the firm.”