Breakaway cow goes on the rampage

Police had to track an unusual suspect on the run when a cow broke out of its field and charged through the fences of three back gardens before it was finally cornered.

Nottinghamshire Police said it was extremely lucky nobody was injured after the cow escaped from a field in Bassingfield, Notts, and went on an hour-long rampage.

A spokesman said the animal broke through an electric fence at about 12.30pm on Wednesday and got on to the A52, heading towards West Bridgford. Officers tried to corner it but were then charged, causing one to "take evasive action" to avoid injury.

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It then smashed through fences behind three properties in Eltham Road where it was finally cornered and put into a trailer by the farmer at about 1.35pm.

PC Wendy Brown said: "The animal was extremely agitated and we were considering whether we would need a vet to come out and sedate it. Thankfully we managed to calm it down enough to get it into a trailer.

"This was definitely one of the strangest incidents I've had to deal with and given the route the cow took, it was extremely lucky that nobody was injured."

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