Bullying victim took her own life, claim friends

A TALENTED teenage musician found dead in her bedroom is thought to have taken her own life after apparently suffering at the hands of bullies.

Violinist Natasha Warnes, 16, was found dead at home in Northampton on Thursday.

Northamptonshire Police have said her death is not suspicious, but it has emerged the teenager may have been bullied.

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A Facebook group set up in her memory, titled RIP Natasha Warnes, has already drawn more than 1,500 members.

According to Nathan Smith, who set up the page, friend Aleks Rokitski noticed Natasha had deleted her own Facebook profile on Thursday morning.

When he went to see her, he found her door barricaded with a “Do Not Disturb” sign and eventually discovered the talented teenager dead, the page says.

It is thought she died sometime between 8.30am and noon on Thursday, her friend wrote.

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It is thought Natasha, who played the violin with the Northamptonshire Youth Orchestra and often busked in Northampton town centre, may have been bullied.

Friends, who also wrote extensively about the teenager’s musical talents, referred to her falling victim to bullies.

Emily Martin wrote: “i am still in complete shock. nobody deserves to feel that bullied that they feel this was the only way out.

“i spoke to her just two weeks ago and the amazing thing was that what stood out was your love for music even in that brief ten minutes. rest in peace tasha. your in heaven and at least we know the bullies will never get there. x”

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Susan Curtis wrote: “How can other human beings push somebody this far what gives them the right.

“But obviously by the looks of this page you were certainly loved by many even if they never knew you personally they knew of you thru your talent round town and cause of your talent I believe you beat the bullies who taunted you cause it shows you were better than they ever will be!!!

“My thoughts go out to all your family and friends R.I.P xxx”

When one user asked the creator of the group, “what happened to her?”, he wrote: “people bullied her...”, adding that she had taken her own life.

A Northamptonshire Police spokeswoman said they could not comment on the rumours of bullying, but confirmed the death was not being treated as suspicious.