Bumpy roads... partners infuriate drivers

Many motorists reserve their road rage for their partners while out driving, a survey has shown.

As many as 80 per cent of people get wound up by their partner’s in-car behaviour, the poll by Kwik Fit found.

The biggest gripe was driving styles, with 15 per cent of 2,000 adults polled saying they were unhappy with the way their partner performed behind the wheel.

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The main complaint from women was their partner’s lack of patience with other road users, with 21 per cent unhappy about this.

In contrast, only seven per cent of men were upset about the way their partner treated other drivers. The poll also showed:

Fifteen per cent of women said their partner drove too fast, and 14 per cent said their man got too close to the car in front;

Only six per cent of men said their partner drove too fast, while only eight per cent reckoned their partner tailgated;

Men’s biggest annoyance men was their partner’s map-reading.