Burglars raid home of BBC presenter as family sleeps

Burglars raided the home of BBC Breakfast presenter Susanna Reid as she slept upstairs with her family, it was revealed yesterday.

The thieves forced their way into Ms Reid's south London property during the early hours, making off with a haul that included a flat screen TV and her Vauxhall Zafira car.

However, the 40-year-old presenter, who shares the terrace home in Lambeth with partner Dominic Cotton and their three sons, only realised there had been a break-in later in the morning.

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"We found out we had been burgled when our six-year-old son came upstairs and said: 'Daddy, where's the TV?'" she told the Daily Mail.

"I'm just so relieved I didn't bump into them.

"They swept up a few valuable items and made a dash.

"Thankfully they didn't take anything of great personal value – or the children's Christmas toys."

She added: "The boys know what happened, but they are not too concerned. They were just excited about the police coming around and dusting the fingerprints.

"Really, the thieves just took hardware and technical stuff, nothing that can't be replaced."