Bus workers demand £500 Olympic bonus

Thousands of bus workers in London are seeking a £500 payment for being on duty during next year’s Olympic Games, and raised the threat of industrial action if a deal is not agreed.

Unite has written to bus operators in the capital calling for talks over an Olympic payment for up to 28,000 employees, arguing that the extra passengers will lead to them working harder. An award of £500 would be in line with what other London transport staff will be getting for working during the Games, said the union, adding that an extra 800,000 passengers during the Olympics, would generate “significant” extra revenue.

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Unite’s regional secretary Peter Kavanagh said: “The mayor’s office has washed its hands of its responsibility – it’s disgraceful. If this situation continues we can’t rule out industrial action.

“For too long Transport for London, the mayor and bus operators have treated London bus workers as second class citizens, while saying they are the best in the world.

“Our members say enough is enough. If you say they’re the best treat them like they are.”