Car parks pile on stress for majority of hospital visitors

Crowded and expensive NHS hospital car parks make visits more stressful for half of all users, according to a new report.

Problems finding a space, cost and battling confusing payment systems are among the problems facing hospital visitors, consumer watchdog Which? said.

A survey found 67 per cent of people who had used an NHS hospital car park in the last two years thought charges were too expensive.

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More than half of visitors (52 per cent) had problems finding a space and a third (33 per cent) had to queue or wait to park.

Once they had found a space, 33 per cent faced further difficulty trying to pay the charges.

The poll found that 70 per cent of people had experienced a problem with parking at a hospital and 49 per cent said the difficulties made their visit more stressful.

Previous figures have shown that some hospitals make millions of pounds from car parks.

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Which? conducted the survey as part of a response to the Department of Health's consultation on NHS car parking.

Which? chief executive Peter Vicary-Smith said: "Now we know what people want, the Government must take steps to fix the system and ensure all hospital car parks have sufficient capacity, offer fair prices and have user-friendly ways to pay."

Which? is calling for a "cost-covering" approach for NHS car parks to prevent the hospital either making a profit or having to use its budget to fund parking.