Cash machine ram raiders strike again in South Yorkshire

A store on Marshland Road, Moorends, near Doncaster, has become the latest target of thieves who used a digger to rip a cash machine from the wall.

It was reported to police at 3.23am this morning.

A neighbour living above the KeyStore was woken by banging and saw the cash machine being lifted up to eye-level and then being dropped into a pick-up, with three of the thieves then getting into a silver getaway car.

He said: “I heard smashing; I was on the sofa half asleep, then I heard a massive bang making the room shake. I looked out of the window and saw the JCB.

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“I had the window open and could smell the dust. I saw them reversing back and smashing into the wall again.

“It took around ten minutes, it seemed like they were struggling but they weren’t going to leave it no matter what.”

He said the men carried on even though they knew they were being watched.

“They will have done it on a Thursday because it will be full and people will be paid on Friday - they will have made sure there is plenty in.”

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In March the Spar store in Tickhill, Doncaster, was targeted overnight by a gang who used the same methods to rip a digger from the wall.

That attack came 24 hours after a similar incident in Stainforth and follows on from a series of other similar raids across the region in recent months.