Catherine Zeta Jones shops for £10 tops in Whitby

ACTRESS Catherine Zeta Jones showed she has an eye for a bargain - after being spotted shopping at discount stores in Whitby.

Lady in black: Catherine Zeta Jones shopping in Whitby
Lady in black: Catherine Zeta Jones shopping in Whitby

Miss Zeta Jones went bargain hunting while filming nearby a new Dads Army movie.

She picked up a vintage blouse for £10 in a vintage clothing store called Owl and Pussycat. She was also seen looking at a £10 canvas of Audrey Hepburn from Home Works - although she left the shop empty-handed when photographed.

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A Home Works assistant called Jackie, who served the star, said: “She didn’t buy the picture in the end.

“She gave me the canvas to wrap but there was a photographer snapping her in the store so she dropped it and walked out.

“She was in and out again like a flash. I only saw her for a few seconds, she seemed friendly enough just not wanting to stop and chat which I can understand.”

The star, who is married to Michael Douglas, went on to vintage clothing store Owl and Pussycat where she bought a cheap blouse after browsing the sale rails.

Store owner Kaisu Muttonen said: “She didn’t really stop and chat, just had a covert look round the shop.

“She had a bit of a mooch for five minutes or so before settling on a £10 fuschia pink vintage blouse, saying ‘I’m going to buy this - I just really love the colour’.

“She seemed lovely - very nice lady and a very polite shopper.”

The actress then went onto alternative clothing store Venus Trading Company where she bought another “cheap” top - but insisted staff kept the change.

A shop assistant said: “She was lovely. She bought the blouse from our vintage range. It was white with red cherries on and she was saying how pretty she thought it was. She also told us to keep the change!”

Miss Zeta Jones is currently filming in North Yorkshire for the upcoming Dads Army film which also features Michael Gambon and Bill Nighy.