Chemicals in stolen van could kill, police warn

POLICE are urging the public to be vigilant following the theft of a van carrying toxic chemicals.

The white Ford Transit pick-up was stolen from a company which specialises in cleaning and fumigating chicken sheds, and it was carrying a range of chemicals which could kill if not handled correctly. The van, registration MV61 LXE, was stolen while unattended in Lincolnshire on Friday and police believe that it may now have been driven into North Lincolnshire.

Officers have also urged the thieves to report the vehicle’s location so the chemicals can be recovered safely.

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Humberside Police said: “These chemicals are potentially harmful if not handled correctly so we are urging the public to be very careful should they come across any of the containers.

“Do not make contact or try to move the chemicals; simply contact Humberside Police right away in order for the chemicals to be safely recovered.

“We are also urging those responsible for taking the Ford Transit pick-up to do the right thing and contact either police or fire in order to ensure the chemicals can be located.

“The suspects may not have known what was in the back of the vehicle when they stole it and it is vital that the chemicals are recovered before someone potentially gets hurt.”