Congestion-cutting scheme set to motor ahead

CHANGES to one of the busiest roads in Sheffield, which will involve putting in new signs and double yellow lines at a cost of £8,000, are set to be agreed by council members this week.

The plans, to be agreed by Sheffield Council at a cabinet highways committee meeting on Thursday, are part of the wider Smart Route project on Ecclesall Road.

The so-called Ecclesall Road Smart Route, which was introduced in 2010, aims to reduce congestion on the busy road between Sheffield city centre and Bents Green.

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It also aims to make buses more reliable and improve road safety, by making changes at 14 different locations along the route.

At Thursday’s meeting, councillors are set to agree to continue progressing with the Smart Route scheme and also put in additional restrictions at three of the 14 identified locations.

These include putting in double yellow lines opposite Greystones Road to stop cars parking there; providing right-turn lanes off Ecclesall Road South into both Gisborne Road and Ringinglow Road, and also putting in double yellow lines between Marmion Road and Carrington Road, which would remove around 10 parking spaces.

In the report set to go before Thursday’s meeting, Simon Green, Sheffield Council’s executive director for ‘place’, said: “The council has carried out extensive survey work and a comprehensive consultation exercise on Ecclesall Road.

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“Based on the feedback, requests and information received, it is recommended to continue to progress with implementing the Ecclesall Road Smart Route, with implementing additional loading and waiting restrictions in three locations along the corridor being the next phase of the wider implementation plan.”

Up to 26,000 vehicles currently use Ecclesall Road every day and around 4,250 trips are made during the morning rush hour alone, of which approximately 3,100 are by car and 1,150 are by bus.