Conservatives select Halifax parliamentary candidate

Calderdale councillor Chris Pearson has been selected as the Conservative candidate for Halifax for next month's general election.

He was born and brought up near Halifax and currently represents Greetland and Stainland.

“As Theresa May’s candidate for Halifax, it is time ordinary, working people here have a strong Conservative voice to represent them,” he said.

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Chris has his own business providing specialist services to young people and adults with learning and physical disabilities.

If elected, he is pledging to boost jobs and growth across Halifax and back the Prime Minster’s efforts to secure the best deal through the Brexit negotiations,

Chris said: “It’s a privilege to be the Conservative candidate for Halifax and I look forward to the campaign ahead.

“Our area needs a local MP who can deliver for Halifax and this election can also help us get the strong and stable leadership we need to see us through Brexit and beyond.

“I will be working hard to promote our area and bring in jobs and investment and ensure this constituency has the vital services it needs as well as the best schools, health care and infrastructure we can achieve.

“And the choice for people on June 8 is between Theresa May’s Conservative team providing strong and stable leadership for us all, or a coalition of chaos and instability led by Jeremy Corbyn that will put our futures at risk.”

Current Labour MP Holly Lynch has confirmed she will fight for the seat again and councillor James Baker will stand in the constituency as its Liberal Democrat candidate.