Cooper’s short memory over immigration

From: AW Clarke, Wold Croft, Sutton on Derwent.

WATCHING the innocent, wide-eyed Yvette Cooper tell the world how appalling it is that the Tories have allowed our borders to become porous, thus allowing the current immigration figures to climb, beggars belief.

Does she really think that the British people have so short a memory that they will not recall that she and her cohorts in the previous Labour administration, including her delightful husband, did their level best to increase immigration in order to boost the Labour vote?

Some of the more honest members of her party have already admitted this to be the case. Please, Ms Cooper, give the electorate a little credit!

Anti-social social media

From: David F Chambers, Sladeburn Drive, Northallerton.

WHEN today’s school leavers look up from their keypads, as they do occasionally, their conversation is rapid and terse, short on adjectives but abounding in key words such as “like” and “know what I mean” (Grant Woodward, The Yorkshire Post, August 30). What they do mean by the latter is: “U better guess what i mean ok i am not good on self-expression & not much bothered anyway”.

I see that exam grades this year are up somewhat in most subjects, with the exception of English. It’s computer dependence, know what I mean?

From: D Wilkinson, Halifax.

YOUR front page article (The Yorkshire Post, August 28) states that the region’s senior citizens sit at the bottom of a table of social media usage. I think this could also be construed as being at the top!

Wallace’s wise words

From: Margaret W Whitaker, Harswell, East Yorkshire.

I’M afraid no self-respecting 
Scot will be too thrilled with 
your attribution of the wise words of Sir William Wallace to WC Fields (The Yorkshire Post, August 25).

They weel ken that Wallace, hiding in a cave from yon Sassenachs observed a determined spider trying to climb a slender thread to the roof of the cave.

The spider never gave up trying despite repeated falls, and eventually overcame the problem. Sir William’s quote has three “tries” in it.

I’m afraid WC Fields was more given to Mae West-like utterances, such as “A man’s got to believe in something – I believe I’ll have another drink”.

Recycling solutions

From: Joan M Petty, Halifax.

WITH reference to Jayne Dowle’s column about the problems with refuse and recycling (The Yorkshire Post, August 23), indeed, many people seem unhappy with their local authorities’ policies.

Here in Calderdale we have a system that works well. In 2013 we were the best recyclers in Yorkshire and amongst the top in the country.

The fact that food waste is collected in a clean, simple manner, not the nonsense that Jayne’s sister in Maidstone experiences, means no rotting, smelly food in the wheelie bin. Perhaps Jayne’s council should be encouraged to make improvements.

False gods of consumerism

From: Chris Schorah, Gascoigne Avenue, Leeds.

ANDREW Vine appears to have become an ardent follower of the god of consumerism in arguing that Sunday trading hours should be increased (The Yorkshire Post, August 26). You’d think that his admission that shopping is self-indulgent and has become an addiction would give him reason to reflect. But no, he sweeps aside such concerns. Presumably he also has little regard for the greed and envy and the increased consumption of resources that our fascination with retail encourages.

Unfortunately, I doubt whether the retail gods he worships are either as caring or forgiving as the one we’re pinching Sunday from.

Rainbow reversal

From: Dick Appleyard, Saxilby, near Lincoln.

IT was very interesting to see the picture of a double rainbow over Runswick Bay by David Clay (The Yorkshire Post, Wednesday August 27). The colours of a rainbow in order are: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. But have you noticed that if two rainbows appear the seven colours on one of the rainbows are reversed? Have a look at it the next time two rainbows appear.

NHS praise

From: Martin Key, Rawdon.

FURTHER to the letter from Andrew Patterson (The Yorkshire Post, August 22) I wish to add my feelings regarding the coronary care unit at Leeds General Infirmary. On Sunday August 17, following a night of severe chest pain, I was taken to A&E, subsequently admitted to Ward 19 followed by Ward 14.

Throughout my short stay, I received the highest standard of care.

We are indeed a privileged nation to enjoy such a service!