Corbyn: I won’t order grammar school closures

Jeremy Corbyn visited a school in Liverpool today
Jeremy Corbyn visited a school in Liverpool today
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LABOUR leader Jeremy Corbyn has ruled out the mass closure of new grammar schools opened under Theresa May.

Mr Corbyn said it would be up to councils to decide whether to allow grammar schools to remain open.

Labour has mounted a strong campaign against the prime minister’s plan to allow new grammar schools to open.

But Mr Corbyn ruled out a purge of grammars if Labour wins the next general election.

He said: “It would be a matter for the local education authorities to make that decision…

“What previous Labour governments have done from the 1960s onwards is make it clear that they support comprehensive education and support wider entrance and participation in all schools – as we do with faith schools – and we would do exactly the same in government.

“Education is run by local education authorities and I think working with them we can ensure that there is broader entrance to all schools.”

Mr Corbyn also continued to resist the idea of seeking restrictions of free movement as part of Britain’s Brexit negotiations despite pressure from many in the party to address concerns about immigration.

He said: ““Tighter rules will also mean it is much more difficult to travel to Europe, much more difficult to take a holiday in Europe, much more difficult to study in Europe and our universities would be greatly affected by the number of European students.

“What I would do about immigration is try to bring about a degree of co-terminosity, a degree of equality of work conditions and wages across Europe.”

Mr Corbyn will give his speech to the Labour conference tomorrow.