Council campaign highlights middle-class wine drinkers

THE middle-class drinker who thinks nothing of downing half a bottle of wine a night is among the targets of a new awareness-raising campaign in Bradford.

There are estimated to be 17,000 people across the district who are believed by health professionals to be drinking at levels 
which could seriously harm their health.

Another 75,000 people are believed to drink at a level which increases the risk of alcohol-related harm.

Health figures show that around 89,000 adults in Bradford - among them many teetotal Muslims - drink no alcohol at all.

Previous studies have shown that Bradford has a higher than average number of women who drink too much. Women under 24s and those over 45 are thought to be in this category.

The middle-class couple who share a bottle of wine after a stressful day are among the social groups that need to think about their drinking, according to Nina Smith, of Bradford Council.

She believes some couples drink this amount of wine every evening, not realising the harm it could be doing.

Liver specialists in the city are also worried about the rising number of younger people who have liver damage.

Next week Bradford Council will join forces with West Yorkshire Police, Trading Standards and health agencies to highlight alcohol-related problems as part of Alcohol Awareness Week.

The council and alcohol treatment and partner agencies will run awareness raising sessions in colleges, schools, Bradford University and hospitals to encourage people to start talking about alcohol.

Council youth workers will tour the district in a special exhibition bus highlighting alcohol harms and encouraging young people to think carefully about the impact alcohol can have on them and others.

Police will crack down on drink-fuelled crime with operations against drink driving and anti-social behaviour.

Steve Hartley, of Bradford Council said: “We are addressing the issue on all fronts. From prevention work in schools to law enforcement and rehabilitation, Bradford Council and our partners are fully committed to tackling the health, crime and social impacts of alcohol misuse.”