Cowell gets a red nose in TV’s comedy fundraiser

Red Nose Day organisers hope the charity appeal will remain “recession proof” as it marks its 25th anniversary.

Comic Relief founders Lenny Henry and Richard Curtis were joined yesterday by other comedians and TV presenters to celebrate the biennial charity appeal’s milestone.

Music mogul Simon Cowell will appear on this year’s telethon on March 15 in a sketch in which he will get married, while Rowan Atkinson will showcase his latest character as the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Popstar Jessie J is also preparing to shave her hair off live on the programme as she joins millions of fundraisers across the country hoping to raise cash for projects in Africa and in the UK.

Red Nose Day director Emma Freud said: “I think 25 years in, it will be the best TV show we’ve ever done. I can confidently say that. It amazes me that it has gone as long as it has and it’s remained as popular as it has.”