Couple forced out of Leeds flat after vandal destroys their car

A couple have been forced to move out of their Leeds flat after being left 'petrified' when their car was destroyed in a deliberate attack.

Maija Stempkovska and her fiance have been forced to move out of their house in Beeston and have been left petrified, after their car was smashed up. 30th March 2016. Picture : Jonathan Gawthorpe

Maija Stempkovska and her husband Kristaps Hartmanis have called on police to act after a man damaged the couple’s car by allegedly “smashing the windows in” and jumping from a roof extension onto the vehicle.

Miss Stempkovska, 20, said the incident on March 20 has left her afraid to leave the house. They are so worried they have now moved out of the flat in Beeston and to another area of Leeds.

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“It’s left me petrified, on Tuesday I couldn’t leave the house for the entire day,” the bank worker said. “Even the sound of the printer turning on made me jump. We were scared to walk outside.”

A picture of the couple's car after it was badly damaged in an attack near their former home in Beeston.

The couple believe the attack is linked to an incident the previous day, March 19, where a man attempted to tow their black Volvo S40 away from the car park of a local supermarket.

And they say the same man was seen peering into their flat later in the week, prompting Miss Stempkovska to call 999. By the time officers arrived at the flat, the man had already left.

They have provided details to West Yorkshire Police of the man they believe is responsible for the incidents, but officers say they do not have evidence that they are linked.

Responding to the couple’s criticism of the police investigation, Sergeant Paul West, of South Leeds Neighbourhood Patrol, said: “The incident on March 19 was fully investigated and extensive enquiries were made, including checks on CCTV, and a number of potential witnesses were spoken to.

A picture of the couple's car after it was badly damaged in an attack near their former home in Beeston.

“Unfortunately, we were not able to identify the suspect and would welcome any further information.

“The investigation into the damage to the car is ongoing. At this stage we have no evidence to show a link between the two incidents. We are aware of the concerns raised by the victim and we are contacting them to reassure them.”

Contact West Yorkshire Police on 101 with any information.