'Dangerous' man admits attacking woman with axe outside her workplace leaving her with life-threatening injuries

A ‘dangerous’ man who left a woman with life-changing injuries after attacking her with an axe after waiting for her outside her workplace has pleaded guilty to attempted murder.

Anthony McDonald, aged 56, of Ascot Avenue, Cantley, in Doncaster was charged with attempted murder and remanded into custody following the attack on April 3. Appearing at Hull Crown Court last week, McDonald pleaded guilty to the offence and will now be sentenced on Friday (Apr 19).

Police were called to the scene at around 5.30pm on April 3 after receiving a number of reports from concerned members of the public that a woman was being attacked in the street.

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McDonald waited for the woman outside her place of work in Goole before following her to her car and attacking her with an axe. She was left with life-threatening injuries to both her arm and her head and was taken to hospital by air ambulance where she had life-saving surgery.

Anthony McDonald, 56, of Ascot Avenue, Cantley.Anthony McDonald, 56, of Ascot Avenue, Cantley.
Anthony McDonald, 56, of Ascot Avenue, Cantley.

She is still in hospital more than two weeks later to recover from her injuries.

As McDonald fled the scene in the direction of Wressle, the victim named him as the perpertrator of the attack and a large manhunt ensued.

Following the attack, McDonald rang his partner and said he had stabbed a woman to death and was now about to take his own life. Police found him at around 9.10pm that day and the axe was found inside his jacket.

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Detective Inspector Mark Skelton, of Humberside Police, said: “McDonald is a ‘dangerous’ individual who subjected an innocent woman to a horrific and unimaginable attack which subsequently left her fighting for her life in hospital.

“Whilst I am pleased he is now behind bars being punished and has admitted to his deplorable actions, it doesn’t take away the trauma and pain the woman will continue to face on a daily basis as she tries to navigate through life on what will be a long journey of recovery.

“Violence crime will never be tolerated within our communities and will do everything we can to seek justice for victims to ensure our residents feel safe and criminals are punished.”