The disguised dangerous weapons police are seizing from Yorkshire's streets

A car steering lock, a walking stick or an umbrella. To the average person these items are innocent enough, but as one Yorkshire police force explains, they can have devastating consequences when put into the wrong hands.

Some of the dangerous firearms seized by Humberside Police.

These are just some examples of every day items that criminals have turned into lethal weapons used on the streets of Yorkshire.

Humberside Police Chief Inspector James Glansfield has been talking about the danger of these weapons as the Yorkshire force takes part in a national firearm surrender.

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Speaking from the force's firearm unit, based at Melton, he explained how these normal every day items have been modified by criminals to cause fear and devastation.

Some of the dangerous firearms seized by Humberside Police.

He said: "With this walking stick it has been modified so small shotgun cartridges are placed into the side of it and there is a trigger at the top which you can hardly see.

"This type of weapon is so well concealed and it is frightening, but our officers are trained to detect and look for firearms like this."

Chillingly, a car anti-theft lock has been modified to also include bullets.

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A similar operation two years ago saw 119 guns handed in to police stations across the Humberside Police force area.

Chief Inspector Glansfield said: “We want to make Humberside safer and ask anyone that might have a weapon, be it a viable firearm or imitation, pistol, air rifle or collectable firearm to bring them into our stations and hand them in.”

“Weapons can be handed in at our front counter areas at Clough Road, Beverley, Bridlington, Grimsby, Scunthorpe and Hessle police stations.

“The weapons will then be examined and may be sent for forensic examination if it is thought that the weapon has been or may have been used in a criminal capacity.

“The aim of this two week surrender is to reduce the number of firearms from our streets. Incidents involving guns have risen in a number of police force areas, so anything we can do to reduce the number of weapons has to be a good thing.

“If you know where a weapon is being kept illegally, now is your chance to let us know, or bring it in to surrender it."

He said: “Getting these weapons off the streets prevents them getting into the wrong hands, and gives people a safe way to dispose of any firearms they have, whether held lawfully or unlawfully.

“During the surrender period, those surrendering firearms will not face prosecution for the illegal possession at the time of surrender and they can remain anonymous.

“However people should be aware that this is a firearms surrender, not a firearms amnesty, we may investigate weapons surrendered in connection with other incidents where it may have been used.”

The force is also appealing to holidaymakers who may have assumed it was legal to bring back certain items from abroad that are actually illegal here and have made it through customs undetected.

Chief Inspector Glansfield said: "People who have been on holiday make the mistake of assuming it is fine to have these items in this country, and it really isn't.

"If people have any items of this nature then please surrender them to us."

Anyone who has a weapon that they want to surrender can do so at the front counter receptions of Clough Road, Beverley, Bridlington, Grimsby, Scunthorpe and Hessle police stations between July 20 and August 4.