Don't call him Horsey McHorseface! Police want help naming four-legged recruit

Police are calling for the help of the Yorkshire public to choose a name for the newest addition to their mounted section.

West Yorkshire Police want the public to name the new member of the mounted section.

West Yorkshire Police’s newest four-legged recruit, a four-year-old shire-cross gelding, is currently without a name.

Measuring 16.1 hands tall, the horse was brought to help replace previous members of the mounted section including Fimber, who died in an accident last year, Bud, who moved to another force, and Louis, who retired.

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Members of the public are being invited to get their thinking caps on and come up with a West Yorkshire Themed name for the new horse.

The Shire-cross horse that police are asking the public to name

Once suggestions are submitted, a selection of names will be put out for vote and the person behind the winning suggestion will be invited to meet the new horse at the force’s training and development site at Carr Gate, near Wakefield.

Chief Inspector Chris Bowen of Protective Services Operations said; “We know that the mounted section is really popular amongst the general public and the horses have a great following on social media.

“We thought that getting the public to name our newest horse would be a great opportunity for people to get involved with the force, and of course the person who submits the winning entry will get to come to the stables and meet him, and the other horses in person.

“We would really like our new horse to have a West Yorkshire themed name, and that is the only criteria. The public are invited to submit their suggestions, and we’ll then pick up to 5 of those suggestions and put them out to vote.

The horse is 16 hands high and will help replace those who have left in the last year.

“Just like humans, horses have a working life, and its only fair to retire them once they are ready. Bringing in new horses helps our resilience so the team can adapt to the work required.

“Once he has completed his initial training with the team, he will be out patrolling the streets of West Yorkshire with the others.”

Police Sergeant Jayne West, who leads the team at Mounted Section, says; “Our new boy is really handsome and we’d love the public to find him the perfect name.

“He’s around 16 hands at the moment, but we think he’s some way to grow yet and could easily become one of our tallest horses.

The Shire-cross horse that police are asking the public to name

“He’s not been with us very long yet, but is adapting fantastically to the yard and his early training. I am really confident he’s going to be a terrific asset to the mounted section.”

West Yorkshire Police’s mounted section offers has nine horses following Louis and Bud’s departure and works with a team of six mounted officers.

The horses in the section are called: Clifton, Breeze, Connor, Ledston, Chester, Francis, Ilkley, Joseph and Marley.

Submit suggestions for a name for the new horse online at before 23.59 on Thursday 12th May.

The horse is 16 hands high and will help replace those who have left in the last year.

Names must have a West Yorkshire theme and West Yorkshire Police reserves the right to disregard any names considered inappropriate.