A few questions, dad... The email from Rolf’s daughter in full

HERE is the text of the email sent by Bindi Nicholls to her father Rolf Harris on July 25, 2012, with the subject line “dad...a few questions?”:

Rolf Harris with daughter Bindi (left), wife Alwen and niece Jenny

“Hi dad, (this email is between you and me, please don’t pass it on to accountants, Bruce etc...) Since the whole thing around the house in Dorset I’ve been pretty churned up, as we all have been!

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“Thank you so much for being so supportive etc...I really do love you guys with all my heart and couldn’t have chosen better parents. I wouldn’t change the past either, it’s all been perfect, because from that I’ve got to here, and I couldn’t feel more loved by you two!

Rolf Harris with daughter Bindi (left), wife Alwen and niece Jenny

“One of the reasons we looked for a house by the sea was that we were under the assumption that after talking to Elaine and Jenny and the advisor, we had had the go ahead to buy a holiday home, that we could rent out most of the time but we could use too. (In “we” I mean you, mum and us three), they said we couldn’t buy another property just for us lot to use, it had to be commercial because of tax purposes, so it’s very confusing to us when we find this very property and it’s a massive NO?

“Also on another meeting Elaine had also said you have around 11 million and can be relaxed and have some fun with it in this part of your life instead of worrying! This is what both Craig and I remember from the meetings?

“With my therapist I’ve been trying to work out why I always feel so confused by all the stuff around money etc... I think one thing is because you haven’t really made a decision about what YOU and mum want...in regard to me and money... In regards to me (your only child), I find it confusing that really I’m not that interested in money or driven by it, I don’t want the latest shoes, cars, blah blah blah, I’m not trying to be an “it” girl, really I’m just living quite simply and wanting to do my art work and spend precious time with you guys and my family, these simple things make me very happy! (I am YOUR daughter after all, you understand that I know!) Craig’s very similar...

“Firstly I understand that I am sole inheritor of your estate - is this true? If I am then I feel you both have to sit down and discuss your feelings or beliefs about this inheritance:

Rolf Harris

“• are you intending to carry on as we are and leave me your estate when you both pass away?

“• are you intending to keep enough money for your guys to live comfortably and put the rest in trusts for Marlon and I, so we get an income from the trust?

“• If I am going to inherit this money, I need to be part of the running of the company as it will be my responsibility in the future? It’s a massive responsibility that I need to understand and feel empowered by and part of...

“Also on an emotional note, please imagine how it is for me...I still feel guilty about spending any money, asking Jenny for top-ups of my account etc etc, and yet figures in millions are being talked about willy nilly, I stress about spending £2,000 on a holiday, or taking a holiday with three of us or framing pictures or getting casts made blah blah blah or buying art materials, it feels ridiculous in regards to the amount I “might” be inheriting?

“It’s like being told that you might be winning the lottery at some point and you get excited and dream about the things you ‘could’ do, which is quite natural, anyone would feel that! On top of that, the accountants keep saying yes to projects then saying they didn’t say yes, which keeps me feeling humiliated and confused! The bottom line is, what do you guys see happening in the near future?

“I think that in order for me to feel safe and secure I need you both to grow some sort of solid stance and strong opinions about your beliefs, about what you want to happen with your stuff, with your hard earned money, what you want your life to be like from this moment? What is important to you? What do you want for your grandson? for Buzzy and Erin? for Craig and I? For Akua maybe? This is important stuff!

“When you are gone we are all left with the aftermath of people fighting over stuff, I’m left with Bruce and Elaine (and you know how they feel about me!) and I’m alone with it all...Do you want to write letters to people you care about etc etc...do you want to give people things before you go? How do you want to be remembered?

“Please you don’t want people being left confused, angry, upset and fraught with sadness and grief... Please take this seriously or you are leaving ALL these decisions to Bruce and Elaine...

“Love Bindi and Craig xxx”