Former Conservative police and crime commissioner candidate accused of electoral fraud by current boss Keith Hunter

Humberside Police has confirmed it has received a file containing allegations of electoral fraud concerning a Conservative candidate from current Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Keith Hunter.

Keith Hunter.

Former police officer and Labour politician Mr Hunter- who was elected to the role in 2016 and is standing for re-election on May 6 - has accused the former Conservative candidate Craig Ulliott of basing his campaign on “lies and deception”.

In a statement, seen by The Yorkshire Post, Mr Hunter said: "What became absolutely clear to me is that the whole Conservative campaign, fronted by Craig Ulliott, was based upon lies and deception. Lies about the competence and credibility of the candidate and misleading statements about Humberside Police."

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He added: "This is not political game playing. We look to our leaders for a moral compass. I have spent my whole adult life in the fight against crime, either on the front line, developing the people or improving the organisations involved in that endeavour.

"Presented with evidence of a crime I had a simple choice - do nothing or do something and speak out against the corruption of our political system. I am still the Police and Crime Commissioner and in a position of leadership and I have never turned away from what needs to beHum done.”

Mr Ulliott stepped down as the Conservative challenger to Mr Hunter earlier this month, citing “personal reasons”.

A Humberside Police spokeswoman said: “Humberside Police have today received a file from the Humberside Police & Crime Commissioner concerning allegations of electoral fraud. We have referred this matter to an independent Police Force for review and we will not be providing any further comment at this stage.”

A Conservative spokesman said: “Mr Ulliott is no longer a Conservative Party candidate.”