Garforth conman sentenced over Justin Bieber concert tickets scam

A Garforth man with 17 convictions for fraud offences was back before the courts after purporting to sell tickets to a Justin Bieber concert that he never had.

Christopher Bundza was sentenced at Leeds Crown Court over a a concert tickets scam.

Christopher Bundza, aged 54, duped several members of the public out of money by claiming he had tickets for the 2016 concert in Sheffield, taking the money but never producing the tickets.

He had re-paid several victims but appeared at Leeds Crown Court yesterday to be sentenced for three other counts of fraud worth £700.

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The court heard that on December 21, 2015 he claimed he had three tickets for the concert and he was paid £300 for them but they never materialised. A trial, where he was found guilty by a jury, ruled that he had never had them.

On January 11, 2016 he was paid £200 for two tickets and again in December 2015 he was paid another £200 for two more tickets.

Defending Bundza, of Beech Grove, Giles Bridge said: "Money has been paid back and he has tried his best".

He added that Bundza has been offered a job with a doors and windows firm in Garforth.

However, Judge Penelope Belcher, who jailed Bundza in 2011 for a similar offence over the sale of tickets to the 2008 Leeds Festival said: "I am told you are disgusted with yourself and the effect on the victims. I find that somewhat difficult to accept. You can talk the talk when you need to."

His previous convictions include fraud and tax evasion, theft and forgery, obtaining property by deception and counterfeit currency as well as a number of prison sentences. He was jailed for three years in 2011 for the Leeds festival scam where he made nearly £7,000 from music fans but failed to meet them to hand over the tickets.

Judge Belcher added: "You are no stranger to dishonesty and this undoubtedly aggravates these offences which is more of the same. The prosecution say these were sophisticated and planned. There is nothing sophisticated about this. You can't get the tickets, it will come out - it is very obvious."

Bundza was jailed for nine months but the jail term was suspended for a period of 18 months. He was also ordered to under take 200 hours of unpaid work