Gay pharmacist murdered Leeds wife with Tesco Bag For Life after texting her 'your days are marked'

Police said they have spoken to killer pharmacist Mitesh Patel's boyfriend as a witness during the investigation into his wife's murder.

killer pharmacist Mitesh Patel'

Patel plotted to kill his wife, who was originally from Leeds, for years and yearned to be with his lover Dr Amit Patel instead.

The jury heard a chilling text in which Patel told Dr Patel that his wife's days were "marked" almost a year before he strangled her.

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The 37-year-old pharmacist had fallen deeply in love with Dr Patel, who like him was originally from Yorkshire, but who emigrated to Australia in 2016 after he divorced the woman he had married.

Killer pharmacist Mitesh Patel

The pair swapped messages, FaceTimed regularly and met up in Dubai in the years after Dr Patel moved to the other side of the world.

And Patel's devotion to the doctor was enough to make him plan to kill his wife so they could be together, Teesside Crown Court heard.

In one text the killer explained his marriage was a convenient way to hide his sexuality.

"I was like, great, this is my cover-up, and I went for it. My feelings for you still haven't changed.

"I love you so much it's inexplainable. I finally feel complete."

When Dr Patel said he did not like to share his lover, Patel replied: "Oh babes, hurts me there. Like you said, she's a leaseholder.

"One day that lease will expire."

And in July 2017, Patel said his wife's days were "marked".

"If she's a thorn in our life, we should be in hers. If she can cause us upset, it's only fair the same to her," he texted.

"See you think I'm mad too. I'm telling you, her days are marked. Do you understand where I'm coming from?"

Dr Patel replied: "Yes I do honey."

And in the days before he murdered his wife, Patel asked the doctor whether his plan was "bad". Dr Patel did not reply.

Cleveland Police said detectives had spoken to Dr Patel.

-> Wakefield prison officer sent to prison for having sex with inmate against washing machineOutside court, Detective Chief Inspector Matt Murphy-King said: "We have spoken to Amit during the course of the investigation as a witness.

"It would not be proper for me to go into any detail about Amit.

"It would unduly prejudice any further proceedings, should they ever be taken against him."

Earlier in their relationship Patel expressed his anger that Dr Patel was marrying a woman, to which his boyfriend explained that he was doing it to please his mother.

Patel agreed when Dr Patel described them both as "mummies' boys".