This is how much you could be fined for failing to de-ice your car's windscreen properly

There are few feelings worse when you're rushing to get to work/school on time in the mornings than hurrying to the car and being greeted by a thick layer of ice coating your pride and joy.

Don't try to set off if your car looks like this on the inside...

BUT if you don't take enough care to defrost your car, you could be slapped with a fine from the police.

With the freezing cold mornings rolling in this December, it's the time of year where ice, frost and snow can make starting your day a nightmare on the roads.

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Don't try to set off if your car looks like this on the inside...

Rule 229 of the Highway Code states that your windscreen and all other windows MUST be clear of all ice and snow, so your view is unobstructed.

Your number plates and lights must also be clear.

The rule also states that snow on the car MUST be fully removed before setting off. For example, it's illegal if snow falls off your car while you're driving and hits another car's windscreen.

Wing mirrors and all windows must also be fully clear and demisted.

So how should you defrost your car, legally and safely?

If any of these rules are violated, you could be fined £60 and get three points on your licence.

This would be classed as being careless and inconsiderate to other road users.

-> Why driving someone else's car is probably illegal even if you're both fully compSo how should you tackle a car coated in frost and ice?

Start the screen demister ASAP

Start your car and turn on the defroster, and blast the fans and demister at the windscreen for as long as 10 to 15 minutes to make sure mist and ice are clear.

Don't use a hairdryer or portable heater. Mixing electrical items and ice/snow is highly dangerous.

Use a de-icer or make your own

Cans of store-bought de-icer work well but if you're short of cash, try mixing salt into warm water and put it into a spray bottle. Try not to use too much salt too often, as this can damage your windscreen in large quantities.

You can also pour lukewarm water on frozen door handles.

Don't use hot water on the screen

This can instantly crack the glass, leading to expensive repair bills.

Don't use a metal scraper or even a key

This would be a very bad idea, because anything metallic will scratch up even the toughest windscreen glass.