Judge jails ‘bully’ who terrified pensioners for fraudulent works

A JUDGE has jailed a “bully” for four years after hearing he preyed on pensioners and demanded money for work that had not been done.

Adam Jackson was among a gang of men who turned up at the home of a 77-year-old woman in Leeds on November 11 asking to be paid for work on pipes.

Kirsten Mercer, prosecuting, told Leeds Crown Court she was told to get her coat so she could go to the bank and he was one of those who went with her after she was threatened with the bailiffs if she did not pay.

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When bank staff told the scared pensioner she could not withdraw the £740 demanded without proof of identity, Jackson went back with her in a taxi to her home to get it, making her pay the £11.60 fare.

They then returned to the bank and she got £500 out.

He then took her to look for another bank so she could withdraw the other £240 but eventually handed her back £10 for something to eat and left her shaking in fear.

The next day he returned to her home but two neighbours who had heard about what happened chased him off and he was later identified.

Jackson was also among men who demanded £2825 from an 83-year-old man in Birkby, Huddersfield on November 15, taking him to his bank but he was not able to remember his PIN number and they left without money.

Jackson, 21, of West Grange Green, Belle Isle, Leeds admitted two charges of fraud by false representation and asked for six other offences to be taken into consideration.