Leeds judge slams GP for ‘hiding wealth’ in battle with ex-wife

A GP embroiled in a family court fight over money with his ex-wife has come under fire from a judge in Leeds.

Mr Justice Moylan said the doctor tried to hide his “true financial position” behind a “variety of false evidence” and was “not a convincing witness”.

The judge’s criticism has emerged in a ruling following a hearing in Leeds. He did not identify anyone involved.

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But he said both the doctor and his ex-wife were from Egypt and had two children. He said the doctor was in his 50s and had lived in England for more than 20 years.

The woman, who was in her 30s, had claimed that her ex-husband had “sought to hide his wealth”.

Mr Justice Moylan said she had been “calm and dispassionate” and “an honest witness”.

But he said of the GP: “The husband was, in some ways, an engaging witness but I regret to say that he was not a convincing witness. Throughout these proceedings he has sought to impede the proper progress of the wife’s case.

“I have no doubt that he has failed to give an honest presentation, but rather has sought to hide his true financial position behind a variety of false evidence.”

Mr Justice Moylan concluded that the pair had assets of about £1.7 million. He decided the the GP should get a share of about £900,000 - and the woman about £800,000.

The GP had, at one stage during proceedings, told how he had spent “£90,000” buying life membership for the family at a club in Alexandria.

His ex-wife agreed that he had bought club membership but said it had cost about “90,000 Egyptian pounds” - about £7,500.

Mr Justice Moylan said he preferred the “evidence of the wife”.