Leeds teens jailed for violent alleyway robbery

THREE teenage robbers who followed a victim through the streets of a Leeds suburb before subjecting him to a violent attack have been locked up.


A judge who sentenced the youngsters described the level of violence used in the attack as “appalling.”

Leeds Crown Court heard the three attackers were well educated, intelligent and articulate young men from loving families.

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Benjamin Forrest-Daniels, 18, and two other defendants, aged 16 and 17, who cannot be named, carried out the attack in Guiseley on October 27 last year.

The 17-year-old has served a prison sentence in Tenerife for attacking and robbing two holiday makers. He had only been back in the UK for three days after his release from custody when he took part in the offence.

The gang followed the victim as he walked home after finishing his shift working at a fish and chip restaurant.

The attackers pursued him for over a mile before targeting him in an alleyway.

He was punched to the ground before being repeatedly kicked. He suffered a broken nose and was forced to hand over his mobile phone, wallet and loose change.

Forrest-Daniels, now of Thornes Road, Wakefield, was sent to a young offenders institution for 21 months, the 17-year-old was detained for two years and the 16 year-old was detained for 12 months.

Lawyers for the defendants said they were ashamed and sorry for what they had done.

Judge Christopher Batty told them: “You are all, I’m afraid, going to have to go to custody.

“I do not think any of you realised when you were tracking this man down the road, how serious this offence is.

“People of your education and background have to understand that if you behave in such a despicable manner, your background won’t save you.”