Police release photo of driver's windscreen with so many cracks that it looks like a spider's web after stopping them in Yorkshire

North Yorkshire Police have released a shocking image of a driver's windscreen entirely covered by cracks after stopping their vehicle.

Officers were working on an operation with the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency when they spotted the car being driven through Beckwithshaw, near Harrogate.

In total the vehicle had 11 defects, and the windscreen was so damaged that it appeared to have more cracks in it than glass.

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North Yorkshire Police said: “We were working with the DVSA to identify unsafe vehicles as part of a wider operation yesterday. And we couldn't look past this one (no pun intended).

Ironically the van contained 'fragile' sticker tapeIronically the van contained 'fragile' sticker tape
Ironically the van contained 'fragile' sticker tape

"In total the vehicle had 11 defects that were so serious, each on its own could have qualified for a prohibition, meaning it was illegal to continue driving.

"We issued an immediate prohibition notice on it and the driver is being dealt with.

"Thankfully we don't often see windscreens this bad. But there's a lot of muck on the roads at the moment, and even dirt can impair your view - especially with low sun at this time of year.

"Always inspect your windscreen for cracks and chips – it’s better to catch them early.”