Police respond after video of Yorkshire children hurling vile abuse at adults goes viral

An incident in which a girl thought to be around 10 years old shouted vile abuse at a woman in Yorkshire was reported to police back in April, it has been revealed.

Stills from the video show the girl's abusive behaviour

A video widely circulated on social media showed the girl with a group of other children gathering around the woman's front gate shouting 'you f****** s***' and racist insults at her.

READ: Teenager inspired by Colombine massacre jailed after bomb hoax emails sent to Yorkshire schoolsSome of the children threw rubbish at the property, thought to be in the Halton Moor area of Leeds.

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The victim claimed the police were unable to act because of the young ages of the children.

Police originally stated that they were aware of the video, but have now confirmed it was filmed back in April and dealt with at the time.

The children involved were spoken to in front of their parents.

In England, the age of criminal responsibility is 10, and children younger than this cannot be prosecuted for any crime.

READ: This evil couple 'mercilessly tortured' their young baby before he died of skull fractureDetective Superintendent Chris Gibson, of West Yorkshire Police Leeds District, said: “We previously stated that we were made aware through the media and social media outlets of a video thought to have been recorded in the Halton Moor area of Leeds.

“We have now established that this incident was reported to police in April. We attended at the time and spoke to the victim and it was agreed that the most appropriate course of action would be to speak to the suspects who were identified in front of their parents. The victim was kept updated throughout this process.

“We are not aware of any subsequent incidents relating to this. However, a further offence of harassment has been recorded in relation to a separate incident which is alleged to have involved other people. This investigation is ongoing.”