Shocking dashcam of moment Audi slams into driver after chain of cutting up on Yorkshire motorway

We've all been there - you're pulling onto a motorway and someone cuts in front of you at the last minute, forcing you to slam on the brakes to avoid a crash.

The incident was captured on the M62 motorway

Well, it was much worse for this driver, who was cut up by an Audi on the M62 so badly that the black estate car actually slammed right into the car the dashcam owner was driving.

The incident, captured on dashcam on the M62 in Leeds on Wednesday (April 3), shows exactly how the incident unfolds.

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The dashcam driver is heading onto the motorway in the right lane of the slip road.

-> Leeds man issues warning after vape battery exploded in his pocket and set leg on fireDespite there being very little gap, the driver of the black Audi clearly moves *straight* into the right hand lane of the slip road.

Of course, at that same moment, the silver Volvo in front of the Audi appears to switch lanes into the middle as well, causing confusion - which could well be why the Audi decided to move further over.

It appears to be a chain of cutting up, with the Volvo cutting up the Audi during its overtake and the Audi in turn cutting up the dashcam owner.

The next second - BANG - the contact is made as the side of the car slams into the dashcam owner's vehicle.

Should the Audi have slowed down and backed off? Is it the Volvo which forced the Audi over at fault?

The footage timestamp appears to show March 25, although the footage was uploaded on Wednesday this week.

Has this happened to you on our motorways?

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According to the AA, this is what you need to do:

Immediately after the accident

Stop the car as soon as possible – it's an offence not to do so.

Turn off the engine.

Switch the hazard lights on.

Check for any injuries to yourself or your passengers.

If it's a minor collision and there are no injuries, make a note of it just in case the other people later try to claim for an injury.

Call the police and an ambulance immediately if anyone is hurt or if the road is blocked.

Try to remain as calm as possible – its normal to be shaken after an accident, take a few deep breaths and try to take stock of the situation the best you can. And don't lose your temper.

Don't apologise or admit responsibility for the accident until you're completely aware of what happened – this can protect you from liability if it wasn't your fault.

Exchange motoring details

Share your name and address with everyone involved if the accident caused damage or injury – the law says you must do this.

Swap insurance information and details with the other driver(s).

Take down details of any other passengers and witnesses to the accident.

Try to find out if the other driver is the registered owner of the vehicle, if they are not, find out who the owner is and get that information too (for instance it might be a company car).

If a foreign lorry is involved, get the numbers on both the lorry and its trailer, sometimes they are different. Its also a good idea to get the name of the company if its painted on the lorry.