Stolen car crashed and burst into flames and 6 other road incidents Yorkshire police dealt with this week

It's been a busy week for West Yorkshire Police's traffic officers.

Some of the incidents police dealt with this week

Some of the incidents officers have tackled include a stolen car which burst into flames, resulting in arrests, and a lime green Lamborghini being seized.

Police said two cars were stolen in a burglary in Wakefield. One of the stolen vehicles failed to stop and crashed in Bradford. The other was also stopped. 'Several suspects' were arrested

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Police said the occupants of this car were 'very lucky' to get out of this. The accident happened in Barnsley Road Wakefield. Officers added: "The occupants were very lucky and got out of this. Be extra careful in these dark, wet months"
It all happened in Wakefield this week. A car smashed into a garden wall and at least two were arrested. Police said: "What a very busy afternoon yesterday, only just putting an update on now. Lots of RTCs all over and people arrested. This one in Wakefield, nobody injured but its going to need a builder & gardener to help fix this"
Brighouse: Vehicle initially failed to stop for officers but then decided to stop and was found to be on false number plates. Driver reported and vehicle seized.
Police said the vehicle was stopped and driver found to have no insurance. Driver also provided a positive roadside breath test and was 'now en route to the cells'.
The driver of this lime green Lamborghini claimed to be insured third party. But he wasn't, so the expensive motor was hauled away. Ouch!
In Bradford, a stolen Mercedes Sprinter failed to stop and ended up crashing into a field. Two people were arrested.