Teenage fairground worker 'smashed off his head' caught with knife in Leeds street

A teenager was caught with a large kitchen knife in the street after a day-long drink and booze binge.

Upper Wood View, the street where the incident happened

A court Joshua Geldard, 19, was ‘smashed off his head’ when he had the weapon in Beeston, Leeds.

-> Woman found dead in Dark Arches in Leeds after cocaine use contributed to heart failure - inquestOlivia Murray, prosecuting, said police were called to reports of a disturbance involving three people on Upper Woodview Place at 5.20am on August 15.

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Geldard tried to run away then resisted arrest by kicking and banging his head against the floor.

Police found a kitchen knife with a three to four-inch blade in the pocket of his jacket.

Geldard, of Bodmin Road, Middleton, told police there was an argument at a relative’s house and a family member had thrown the knife at him.

He also said he was not going to dispose of it and he was ‘smashed off his head’.

Geldard pleaded guilty to possession of an article with a blade or a point in a public place.

Probation officer Mick Berry said Geldard had been drinking from 9am the previous day when he committed the offence and he had also been taking cocaine, ecstasy, amphetamines and pills. Mr Berry said the defendant works in a fairground, started using drugs aged nine or ten and now has depression.

Recorder Paul Greaney QC gave Geldard to four-month sentence, suspended for 12 months, and ordered him to complete a 35-day rehabilitation activity requirement.

He told Geldard said: “You were in a drunken state at the time you committed this offence although that is no excuse. This was dreadful behaviour by you.”