These 10 Yorkshire men given gang injunctions for involvement in drugs, guns and violent robberies

This is the gang of 10 men who have been involved in a long-running feud across Kirklees, committing crimes including firearms, drug dealing and violent robberies.

10 men have been made subject to gang orders

Kirklees District Police are able to reveal for the first time the details of ten men involved in long-running feuds across the District who have been handed Kirklees’ first interim gang injunctions. This is the first time gang injunctions have been introduced in the Kirklees District; over the last few years these individuals have been involved in multiple and serious criminal offences including firearms discharges, possession of offensive weapons, drug dealing and violent robberies; causing considerable disruption and concern amongst the local communities. Some of these investigations remain ongoing but due to lack of evidence criminal charges have not always been brought against the individuals.

Kirklees District Police built a case for the gang injunctions against twelve individuals and this was initially heard at Bradford County Court on 20 March earlier this year when Judge Davey QC granted interim injunctions.

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The men are banned from certain exclusion zones including the Town Centre, Dalton, Ravensthorpe, Bradley, Brackenhall, Fartown, Deighton and Sheepridge. They are required to register with police details of their address, places where they spend more than three nights, details of their mobile phones, names of their partners / spouses and children and must notify the police if any of these change.
Six final injunctions have been imposed to date whilst a further six hearings have been further postponed until January and February 2019. The judge extended all of the outstanding six interim gang injunctions until then.
A further three men aged 18, 25 and 26, who are also subject to interim gang injunctions, but due to other ongoing legal proceedings the police are unable to publicly identify them at this time.
The men are also prohibited from having contact with 79 people, they cannot use or be willingly in the presence of someone using or threatening unlawful violence, they cannot use a vehicle which is not registered to them or not used as part of their lawful employment.
They are restricted from being in a vehicle with anyone at any time other than their partner and children. They cannot appear in any publications (including streaming of videos or pictures) that include any reference to gangs, violence or drug dealing. They cannot wear or possess a bandana in public.
Chief Superintendent Julie Sykes, Kirklees District Commander, said: These men are some of the Districts most prolific criminals and have incited fear and chaos on the streets of Huddersfield and surrounding areas and today marks an important milestone in disrupting their criminality."
"We are confident that in taking these extraordinary steps and by continuing to enforce these injunctions, that it will have a significant impact on violent crime and disorder in Huddersfield. We remain wholly committed to ensuring that Kirklees stays a safe and vibrant community."
The injunctions include a number of conditions that place strict limitations on the subjects and can see them arrested for any breaches and could result in a prison sentence if continually breached.
If anyone has any information about these individuals, they are asked to contact the police via 101 or contact independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.