Two arrested after police chase car with crudely coloured in number plates

Two people were arrested after a police chase that ended in Doncaster that saw officers pursue a car with coloured in number plates.

The car had altered number plates.
The car had altered number plates.

Officers from South Yorkshire Police Operational Support arrested the pair in Scawsby yesterday, with a number of police cars hemming in the car on Barnsley Road.

Photos show letters on the number plate crudely altered with black marking, with what appears to be a P changed to a B and and F becoming an E.

A spokesman said: “The red Peugeot was spotted by our colleagues from Notts Police on the A1 and followed into Doncaster.

Police penned in the car on Barnsley Road at Scawsby.

"It was stolen from the Worksop area.

"We had to admire the colouring in skills of the individual who had decided to take what wasn’t theirs – but it did make the car stand out quite a bit!

"Two detained by Notts and on their way back to answer some questions about the theft.”