Video: '˜Selifie' kids risk their lives on railway lines

Shocking pictures and video have been released of people trespassing and taking pictures of themselves on railway lines in Yorkshire

The footage has been released as a warning to youngsters, who are being urged to stay safe and not to trespass on the railway

One clip was captured at Halifax station last summer and shows two teenagers jumping from the platform edge and onto the tracks to take a photo, before climbing back onto the platform a short time before a train pulls into the station.

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A separate picture shows a child cycling on the line at Shipley, near Bradford.

CCTV at Halifax Station

The footage has been released by Network Rail, British Transport Police and Northern TRail to coincide with the launch of a campaign to tackle the issue of trespass on the railway.

Hayley Bull, community safety manager at Network Rail, said: “The footage is absolutely shocking; young people in particular need to realise that they are risking their lives when they choose to trespass on the railway.”

Chief Inspector Lorna McEwan said: “We believe the number of children we encounter trespassing every year is sadly just the tip of the iceberg.”

Paul Barnfield, regional director for Northern said: “It is truly unbelievable that anyone would risk their life by trespassing on the railway. Sadly many young people seem to be drawn to the tracks and their actions not only put themselves at risk of injury, but also have a significant impact on the running of the railway.”

CCTV at Halifax Station