'We need to protect our kids': Man spied on through peephole at Yorkshire service station

A man who was spied on as he went to the toilet at a Yorkshire service station has warned others to be wary.

Sean Parkes found a peep hole at Wetherby Services.

Sean Parkes had stopped off at Wetherby Services before heading to the toilets at lunchtime on Sunday September 1.

-> Underpants, safes and a fridge - what Asda House staff plucked form the Leeds Liverpool CanalThe 42-year-old was furious when he noticed someone watching him from the next cubicle.

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"I noticed a hole next to me and someone looking through," said Mr Parkes, who lives in Leeds. "I couldn’t get out quick enough to confront the guy.

Sean Parkes found a peep hole at Wetherby Services.

"Toilets need attendants at all times to stop perverts and paedophiles.

"This isn’t a fresh hole and been told it’s been like this for sometime."

Mr Parkes, who has dealt with similar situations in his line of work, said he was sure the hole had been deliberately made and was not fresh.

"All parents need to check public toilets first before letting their children in," added Mr Parkes, who has a young daughter.

"This could have been a lot worse."

-> Christa Ackroyd: Why it is okay to be a girly swot, Boris JohnsonA spokesman for Moto Hospitality said: "We are appalled to learn of the potential indignity suffered by a customer as a result of vandalism in our toilets and apologise profusely to him.

"The two cubicles concerned were closed immediately and will remain closed until the damage has been repaired."