Why you might want to call police if there's nothing on your neighbour's roof during snow storms

Police have issued a warning about how the cold weather could actually help them track down criminals.

Snow doesn't usually settle on houses where drugs are being grown... Photo: Kingsbridge Police

Heavy snow and ice has fallen across Britain and in various parts of Yorkshire this week.

Although Leeds has escaped the worst of it, snow has settled in places including Hull, Sheffield and Huddersfield.

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Last year Kingsbridge Police shared this image of a house taken in Amsterdam during cold conditions, warning those who cultivate drugs that the lack of snow would be very easy for police to spot.

The image has resurfaced on social media this week amidst the snowy weather.

During cannabis production, the high temperatures and lights needed to grow the crop are often a giveaway and some police helicopters can employ thermal imaging to seek out lofts or attics being used for nefarious purposes.

Is more snow likely this weekend?

The answer is, it depends where you are. A yellow weather warning remains in place for the Yorkshire coast including Scarborough and Whitby.

But although Leeds is likely to remain cold, snow is not forecast.

Today: "Feeling cold despite increasing amounts of sunshine, with a northerly wind which will be brisk along the coast. Scattered wintry showers, falling as snow over the Yorkshire Moors, other high ground and locally inland, will gradually become confined to the coast. Maximum temperature 4 °C."

Tonight: "Areas of cloud and any remaining wintry showers, will move away. This will leave a clear and very frosty night, with icy stretches on untreated surfaces. Minimum temperature -7 °C."