Woman jailed for stabbing partner

A man who forgave his partner for nearly killing him when she plunged a kitchen knife into his back brought an engagement ring to court today in the hope a judge would let her walk free.

But when Tiffany Baillie was sent to prison for three years at Hull Crown Court, Gregory Todd said he understood why a judge had no choice but to jail her.

Chef Mr Todd, 48, wrote to the judge pleading with him to not to send Baillie to prison so he could give her the ring.

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Mr Todd said he had forgiven Baillie, 32, for stabbing him with a “substantial” knife, seriously injuring him.

But he sat in the public gallery and watched as Judge Michael Mettyear sent her to jail after explaining how most crimes of this type attract much longer sentences.

Outside the courtroom, Mr Todd said he accepted the judge had to send Baillie to prison and praised him for his leniency.

He said he was not allowed to go down into the cells at Hull Crown Court to show her the ring but added his barrister took it to his partner and he was relieved it fitted her.

Judge Michael Mettyear earlier told Baillie - who stood shaking in the dock throughout the short hearing - how a case like this would normally attract a prison sentence with a starting point in the nine to 16-year range.

He heard how she plunged a kitchen knife into Mr Todd’s back as he was probably asleep on a bed at their flat in Trinity Court, Hessle, Hull, on December 4, last year.

He heard how the pair had returned to the flat after a night out drinking.

Judge Mettyear said: “You armed yourself with a substantial kitchen knife and stabbed him with it in the back. It was a forceful blow with substantial penetration of his body.”

Mr Todd suffered serious injuries including damage to his colon, a kidney and his pancreas.

The judge said: “What you did could have killed him or caused long-term serious injury.”

Baillie, who is also a chef and has a 12-year-old son, admitted causing grievous bodily harm with intent at a previous hearing.

Today the judge said he was giving Baillie more credit than normal for the mitigation provided by Mr Todd’s total forgiveness.

He said: “Your victim has completely forgiven you. He has visited you in prison and has written to me stating in detail his view of you and what should happen to you.

“He’s written a letter which has been put before me today.”

Judge Mettyear read part of Mr Todd’s latest letter to the court: “She made a huge mistake she will regret for the rest of her life. Please allow me to present her with the ring and leave this courtroom today to continue with our lives. I promise I will not let you down.”