Yorkshire rapist subjected victim to terrifying four-hour ordeal after breaking into her home

A knife-wielding rapist who subjected his vulnerable victim to a terrifying three to four-hour ordeal in her own home faces years behind bars.

Sheffield Crown Court heard on May 11 how Mohammed Naseer, aged 30, of Remount Road, at Kimberworth Park, Rotherham, climbed into his victim’s flat in Rotherham at night via her balcony before holding her at knifepoint and sexually abusing her during two horrific episodes.

Gordon Stables, prosecuting, said Naseer raped his victim and touched her intimately before he allowed her to use a toilet and then attacked her again by raping her for a second time.

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Mr Stables added: “The defendant climbed the outside of the building... and the rear flat door was not locked.

Mohammed Nasser

"The defendant entered the flat as a trespasser and was armed with a knife which he took from her kitchen before heading to her bedroom to rape her.”

Naseer placed the knife on his victim’s face and told her, ‘If you do not do what I want, I will kill you’, according to Mr Stables, and the defendant forced himself upon her as she tried to push him off and pleaded with him to stop.

Mr Stables said the victim screamed but Naseer smothered her and she said throughout she had felt sick and was gagging.

Naseer subsequently went into the toilet with the complainant before he raped her again, according to Mr Stables, and she could see blood everywhere.

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Following the attacks, Mr Stables said Naseer took the bedding in bin bags and told her he was coming back and not to tell anyone after the three-to-four-hour ordeal.

The complainant, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, made a phone call for help and her friends found her crying hysterically.

Mr Stables said the bedding was stained and blood had gone through the mattress, leaving a large stain, and the nurse who treated the complainant said she had suffered some of the worst injuries she had seen.

The court heard the complainant, who already suffered with agoraphobia, anxiety and panic attacks, has been left with PTSD and her existing conditions have deteriorated.

Mr Stables claimed Naseer had previously been to the complainant’s flat and had made frightening, unwanted and disturbing advances.

Naseer, who has previous convictions, pleaded guilty to two counts of vaginal rape, two counts of anal rape, two counts of oral rape and one count of digital penetration after the two attacks on September 12, 2020.

Richard Thyne QC, defending, said Naseer has been diagnosed with schizophrenia but he conceded there is no causal link between this condition and the offending.

Judge Jeremy Richardson QC told Naseer: “I freely state that this is one of the worst that I have come across for a very long time. It’s an exceptionally serious case of multiple rapes perpetrated in a cruel and despicable fashion.”

Judge Richardson who described the attacks as a “terrifying ordeal” with “cruelty” and “brutality” sentenced Naseer to 19 years of custody with an extended eight-year term after the defendant was deemed to be dangerous.

He imposed an order allowing Naseer to remain at Wathwood Hospital until he is well enough to be transferred to prison.