Database flaw drives motorist, 62, to despair

A 62-YEAR-OLD has been ordered to re-take his driving test after licensing chiefs said they had no record of him ever passing it.

Geoff Bullingham, who has held a full clean licence for nearly 40 years, has enlisted the help of his local MP in a bid to put an end to a two-year battle with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority.

It began when Mr Bullingham, of Hornsea, East Yorkshire, discovered he has mislaid his licence and sent off for a replacement, enclosing a photocopy of the card.

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But he said its response left him “dumbfounded”.

“I was astonished to get a reply from DVLA to say that according to their records I don’t have a full driving licence, only a provisional one, and they expect me to go through the time and expense of taking my driving test again,” he said.

“I couldn’t believe it, other than a speeding ticket and a bump I’ve never had any trouble.

“I think I was 21 or 22 when I passed my test.

“My only chance of getting a licence back is taking my test again, but they say you get to my age and you’d probably keep failing because you pick up bad habits. It would cost me a lot.”

The DVLA’s refusal to back down prompted MP for Beverley and Holderness, Graham Stuart, to take up his case.

He said: “Unbelievably, Geoff isn’t the only person in Hornsea this has happened to.”

Mr Stuart has arranged to meet Ministers over the issue.

“DVLA needs to be flexible, recognise their database is flawed, and be prepared to amend their records and issue people like Geoff with replacement licences,” he added

A DVLA spokesman said: “It is vital that we protect the safety of all road users by ensuring that only people who can prove they have passed the relevant driving test are allowed to drive on our roads.

“Errors are extremely rare but where a driver believes that the licence does not show all their entitlements we will thoroughly investigate.”